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Hervé COURTOIS one of our breeders of Pigs, resumed in 1991 the exploitation of his father. At the beginning, he decided in 2000 to devote himself exclusively to pig breeding and the marketing of his products, believing that the breeder is best placed to describe his products. The pigs are bred on straw and fed without soya. A passionate farmer, he enjoys sharing and enjoys meeting the fans of his products. For cutting, Hervé has been using the Viandes du Lys for years, one of the last cutters in Ile-de-France.

Animals receive a very natural diet in order to preserve their health and that of our planet. The fattening of the pigs is slow, which gives this incredible flavor to the meat. The first weeks they are fed with an early age food. At the end of their lives, pigs will have 4 types of food adapted to each stage of their growth. Because soybeans are not mandatory for their good growth, beans are a very good local alternative. In addition, soybean production is a major cause of deforestation, especially in South America, and our breeders do not wish to participate.

The animals are also fed hay which seems to act a bit like a flavor enhancer.The fat of our pigs brings flavor and clarity to the meat!
Our breeders of lambs are in Guercheville and Burcy in the 77 and our pig breeders in Cheulles, Sury aux Bois, and Obsonville. The latter have opted for a slaughterhouse that works in an artisanal way, in Cosne-sur-Loire.

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